Collaborative Mediation Services (CMS) connects families and individuals who are considering separation and divorce with appropriate professional expertise. CMS recommends professionals for their individual expertise in family systems, couple communication, family law, tax and financial matters, and “Best Interest” child custody considerations. Each professional is able to work independently or collaboratively to best fit your needs.

CMS offers the following services:

Communication Strategies

Your marriage didn’t work.  It is now time to focus your energy to helping your children to thrive after your divorce.  Time to learn to move forward and establish an amicable co-parenting relationship.  We will work with you to build an individual plan and define a new path that fits your family’s current and future relationship needs.

  1. Establishing A New Co-Parenting Partnership – If you are willing, imagine a good enough business relationship where you can work together for your child’s benefit.
  2. Learn and Practice Respect Communication Techniques – There is a science to crafting communication between co-parents. You will learn to communicate amicably and concisely to address child access issues.
  3. Take Actions and Choosing to Let Go – You cannot control your co-parent’s behavior. Understanding what you have control over and what you do not is a large part of a sound business relationship.

Solution Focused Family Systems

The process of separation and divorce can generate a great deal of chaos. Finding solutions in the mist of chaos can be difficult. Using concepts from Family Systems Theory, we will maintain focus on what is really important for all members of the family. Together, we will define and clarify the important issues and concerns, explore areas of common agreement, clarify shared values, set goals, and define the steps to move you forward to your new post-divorce relationship.

Where there is disagreement, we will work on understand individual positions and the underlying interests or reasons for those areas of disagreement. Using a solution focused approach we will work together, to move forward, generating viable options and seeking amicable workable solutions for an optimal resolution.

Co-Parenting Education

Visualize this scene: you are standing at one end of a rope and your co-parent is standing at the other end.  In the middle of the rope are your beautiful, talented, adorable children.  The ones you have loved, kissed, fed, bathed, spent countless hours caring for, shown up for when they were the most vulnerable, and invested time, money and heart into.  Think of the countless hours you have spent building the human-being scaffolding to help them become solid, moral human beings. Ask yourself this question. ” is putting them in the middle going to make them more or less resilient in their life?”

At CMS we believe in understanding the options, and finding out what co-parenting means and will look like for you and your family. There are many resources out there, and we can help guide you to the right solutions for you.

Progressive Parenting Plans

What is in the Best Interest of Your Child? Ideally, a parenting plan considers the child’s needs and encourages a healthy relationship with each parent. At CMS we work to support your child/children’s needs, focusing on each individual child’s developmental strengths and weaknesses. Often plans include: family traditions, extended family, and cultural and religious considerations. A progressive plan includes the understanding of age appropriate needs and the natural developmental stages and changing needs over time.