Not Your Parents’ Divorce

Not Your Parents’ Divorce

Relationship advice during separation and divorce.

Have you heard this one?

A couple comes into my office and says, “We don’t know what we are doing, please help us”.  They want a divorce, but they don’t want to hire lawyers and spend their life savings. They are afraid and need some advice on how best to proceed.

I am an experienced mediator of child and family issues.  I am not a lawyer.

There are a great many sources of advice out there: books, blogs, experts; and people seeking separation and or divorce should educate themselves.  I want my clients to embark upon this next step, the dissolution of their marriage, with their eyes wide open.

This is not your parent’s divorce.  We know so much more now about the emotional, financial and legal impact a divorce will have on an individual, children and extended family.  It is in your best interest to fully understand and then consider all of your options.

I am writing this blog to provide common sense answers to typical divorce questions, on everything from family system and communication to how to maintain relationships, post-divorce.  Basic advice for those looking for a little help, going through the process of separating as well as the issues that may arise post-divorce.

I work with individuals or couples thinking about or going through divorce, who want a different path than the usual acrimony. Hiring a lawyer to look over any documents prior to signing them or filing them with the court is still very important, and I am happy to provide the names of civil, collaborative professionals that will work with you to provide legal, tax and financial advice, in addition to the work we can do together.

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