Two Homes – New Paths and New Challenges

Divorce does not need to mean the end of your family and a decline in the quality of your relationships. Your divorce may be inevitable; the conflict in the divorce process may be inevitable; however, the pain and suffering inherent during your divorce can be minimized.

Deciding to divorce can be an intensely emotional and stressful time in a person’s life. At Collaborative Mediation Services, we are dedicated to reducing the stress and pain that is usually associated with separation and divorce. By assisting couples to create a more collaborative environment, we help families to move beyond divorce and beyond custody.
If you are considering a divorce, are divorcing, or are still fighting post-divorce,  Collaborative Mediation Services is here to help.

Ugly Divorce

We all know that an ugly divorce typically includes bitter battles over who is right and who is wrong. These types of high conflict divorces often include contested custody with valuable resources spent on custody evaluations seeking to pathologize behaviors to determine who is the better parent. The ugly divorce usually leaves one parent emotionally and financially devastated. Ugly divorces are played out in public view often with zealous attorneys driving the process. This type of bitter end is hard for everyone to recover from and sometimes the battle for who is right can continue, creating a revolving door in and out of the courthouse.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR

Choosing an alternative path on your way to separation and divorce is a process that honors the best interests of all members of the family during this challenging transition. Mediation offers you and your spouse the opportunity to control what happens to your family and the current and future impact on your children. ADR is a modern client-centered option that will assist you through the divorce process in a respectful and dignified manner.

Different Path – Better Outcomes

Collaborative Mediation Services offers professional help, support and guidance for you and your family during this difficult life transition.  Better outcomes start with productive and open communication, allowing you to have more control to develop options when making tough decisions. Choosing an ADR path, you declare your intent not to go to court, agreeing to an honest, open exchange of information, and committing to the creation of a viable durable parenting plan and divorce agreement.

Couples choosing an ADR path to divorce report feeling that their divorce was managed with care and deference. They describe having experienced more control while making difficult decisions and were relieved to have less of a financial burden when compared to family and friends who chose the more adversarial process of litigation.

If you and your spouse are thinking about separating and you would like to consider an amicable path, give us a call and learn more about how we can assist your family during this challenging life transition.